Our church is doing its absolute best to make everyone comfortable while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. We have chosen to set up our seating a little differently than usual. We have three designated areas. We have a green, yellow, and red ribbon area that you can choose from. Red means "I'm here, but I'm keeping my distance", and the red seating zone is "masks required". Green means "I'm OK with an elbow bump and a conversation", and in the green zone "masks are optional". Yellow Zone is in the middle section and means "I'll love you from 6 feet away, and I'm ok to visit but no touching please". "Masks are optional" in the yellow zone.


We have a wristband system set up to indicate how everyone wants to be interacted with. There are green, yellow, and red wristbands that coincide with the seating areas. The wristband will be placed outside of the foyer doors on a table with a sign. We would love and appreciate it if you would grab a wristband and wear it every Sunday so that everyone will know how you want to be interacted with, whether it be masked, distanced, or an elbow bump!


The Church remains open to the public during the pandemic, as we agree with Texas Governor Abbot that " Texas, churches are essential!"

We have adopted COVID-19 protocols to keep members and the public safe during this difficult time.

Through seating and the wristband system, we can honor everyone's individual social distancing preferences, while still doing our best to help avoid transmitting germs. Our sanctuary is currently operating under 10% of capacity, and we are taking extraordinary efforts at sanitizing the facility every week.