youth ministry

Teenagers are amazing individuals! Ceasefire youth group is here to reach out and help teens find the life that God desires for them. We strive to change the teens mindset from negativity to the love and joy that God wants us to have in our lives. We teach the way to salvation through principles that the Bible teach us; such as God giving us free will to choose to follow Him, Christ created them in His image and that He loves them, Christ died for us and wants a relationship with us, Christ has a plan for each of our lives, and that the Bible is our instruction manual for how to live our lives.  At Abilene FCN, the goal of our youth ministry is to teach our youth about the love of Christ and empower them to live as disciples in the world today. 

Youth Sunday school teacher -Steve hastings

My name is Steve Hastings and I am the Sunday School Youth Teacher. I have been an Abilene FCN member for many years! I have worked in youth ministry before in the DFW area. I am dedicated and have a strong record of commitment to spiritual education for youth. 

youth bible study teachers - Nate & SIerra seigman

My husband Nate and myself are so excited to be working with the teens to share the love of Christ. They are so eager to learn, and they challenge us as adults to be better Christians. Our goal is to make sure each teen feels safe and loved and for them to know the love of Christ. We also have two adorable children. Gunner is our son and he is 18 months. Raylynn is our daughter and she is 6 months old. They  both enjoy spending time with the teens and playing games with them.

Sunday School


Join us on Sunday Morning in the Youth Room for a lesson about Christ!

Sunday nights


Join us on Sunday Night in the Youth Room for some fun activities as well as a deep fellowship and discussion about God!

wednesday nights

7:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY

Join us and our youth group family on Wednesday nights at 7:00 as we grow closer to God and learn how to apply the Bible to daily life.  Wednesday nights we play a game and have a  Bible lesson and discussion on a topic that the youth choose!