Youth Pastor

David Loftis is a New Hope Christian College graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Intercultural Studies and Pastoral Studies. David became a radically born-again Christian at the age of 21. For the past 16 years, David has been working with youth in the hopes of helping them to become true disciples of God. Drawing from his professional and personal studies and experience, in missions and from the secular world, David seeks to help our youth know God personally and hopes to see them become disciples that make disciples and change the world.

David is married to Ashley Loftis and the father of five wonderful children. He enjoys many activities in his free time, like, playing Fortnite and boardgames, pickle ball, working out, woodworking, cooking, and hanging out with people all the time.

David’s dream job (other than working with NYM) is to be an outlaw for Christ, smuggling Bibles into countries that won’t allow Christianity and rescuing victims of child trafficking from bad people by any means necessary.

Parent Volunteer Group

NYM operates and thrives due to our amazing and supportive Parent Volunteers. The relentless pursuit of the spiritual growth of their children and all of the other children in the youth group is the driving force behind everything that happens here, from food preparation, planning of events, financial support, fundraising, hosting events at their homes, prayer, hugs, and so much more. These men and women model for us what being the body of Christ looks like, and they show us what the disciples of Christ do and how they give their lives for the Kingdom.

If you would like to join our Parent team, you are welcome and wanted. All of our parents have been vetted through background checks, Ministry Safe Training, and interviewed with reference checks as an ongoing effort to protect and ensure the safety of our youth.

Sunday School  and Sunday Church

Taught by David Loftis or a Parent Volunteer

Every Sunday (some holidays excluded), NMY meets in our youth room for Sunday School (9:30 am to 10:15 am), a time of fellowship and a lesson following the denomination curriculum. The church provides donuts and coffee. We close this time in prayer for one another before heading to regular church service, which starts at 10:30 am.

Sunday Night Youth Group

Sunday nights (6 pm to 8 pm) with NMY are a time of teaching and equipping our youth for ministry. Each week we do a bible study and have a teaching that goes with the bible study. The goal of bible study and teaching is to learn what the bible is teaching and how to use that information practically in our lives as we learn to love God and others.

We also use this time to prepare for ministry. As ministry takes preparation and hard work, it is essential to carve out time to prepare and plan together.

And as with every other NMY gathering, there is set aside time to fellowship and participate in group games or hang out. During this time, we have snacks and drinks for sale for those who need something to get them through.

wednesday nights At NYM

Wednesday nights (6 PM – 8 PM) are our fellowship and fun nights. We begin with ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES! YES, ALL YOU CAN EAT!! Pastor David and Ms. Carrie cook pancakes and are willing to cook in any topping you bring; strawberries, chocolate chips, Reese’s peanut butter cups, sardines, anything you bring, we can cook it in your pancake for you (or we will try). While we are cooking pancakes, this is a free time to fellowship, shoot hoops, play pool, foosball, or skateboard around the gym.

Once everyone is full, we transition to a short message (5-10 min), and then we begin group games. Some of our current favorite games are snowball, bump, murder in the dark, volleyball, basketball, and pickleball. We try out new games all the time. For those who do not like group games, we have both our youth rooms open for hanging out. Soon we hope to have an art station for those with an artistic bent.